Bugs and More! Georgia State Brings Bio Bus Tour To Salvation Army Summer Camp

Georgia State Students Bring Bio Bus Tour To
The Salvation Army

Click the photo to view a photo slideshow of the Bio Bus Tour.


As the summer months continued to heat up, The Salvation Army and Georgia State University were working to ensure scholastic achievement was still on the minds of Atlanta area youth.  

Last summer, The Georgia State University Department of Biology brought its 30-foot self-contained Mobile laboratory, The Bio-Bus 2, to the members of The Salvation Army Fuqua Boys and Girls Club Summer Camp.  

Throughout the day, 120 of the club’s elementary and middle school members boarded the mobile classroom for a 45-minute interactive science lesson on Animal Diversity and Chemistry.  

“The Bio Bus Program’s mission is to provide hands-on activities and demonstrations designed to generate a sense of excitement about science,” explained Judith Kerr, on of the Georgia State University Graduate Students leading the Bio-Bus Tour. 

  And delight they did. With displays and information on the makeup of tate worms, rattle snakes and a live millipede, as well as, experiments with liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide the kids were left amazed and intrigued about sublimation, polymers, and other matters of science. 

Click here to help Send A Child To Summer Camp.   

Find out more at http://www.salvationarmyatlanta.org. 


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