Drum Beats Brighten Lives At Salvation Army Day Camps

See video of musical performances from beginner drummers at The Salvation Army Lawrenceville, GA Music Conservatory Recital last week.

The Salvation Army has always attempted bold and daring methods in its campaign to reach and improve the lives of those less fortunate. In its early years, open-air street meetings with instrumental bands, personal testimonies and the drum were among the most effective tools in reaching and ministering to the poor.

Today, music remains a key ministry tool for The Salvation Army in Metro Atlanta.

In fact, a number of The Salvation Army Summer Camp programs offer music lessons to children in the community for little to no charge. Volunteer instructors teach a variety of instruments on an individual or group basis.

In addition to instrumental music, dramatic arts lessons may include singing, storytelling, dance, and performances in plays and musical productions.

In 2009, 2812 children participated in Salvation Army Youth Brass Band programs, 839 in Youth Chorus, 1659 in Gospel Performing Arts, and 2669 in String Bands, and 5676 in other music instruction.

You can help us better the lives of less fortunate youth through our Send A Child To Summer Camp Program. Click here to make a donation towards our life-changing programs.

Visit http://www.salvationarmyatlanta.org to find out more about The Salvation Army programs in your community.


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