Moving Kids in the Right Direction at Summer Camp

[n] A drama expressed in dance or with dance as an integral part of its content and form.

Click the photo above to see video of The Salvation Army Marietta Corps Community Center’s Youth Choreodrama’s inspirational performance.

Dancing has definitely gotten more attention lately, thanks in large part to reality television shows. Performing arts groups, such as The Salvation Army youth Choreodrama program, build on the knowledge that dancing can have real physical and social benefits and lead to more successful, creative and intelligent children.

The Salvation Army’s youth dance, physical education and drama programs comprise a different kind of learning that can enhance positive attitudes and confidence in boys and girls of all ages.
Studies have shown that kids engaging in these activities are more likely to develop improved social skills, self-discipline, and reasoning and concentration skills.

Who wouldn’t enjoy becoming more physically fit, intelligent and happy to the sound of uplifting music?

This summer, more than 500 local youth will participate in Salvation Army day camp and residential camping programs throughout Metro Atlanta.

Click here to make your donation in support of these life-changing programs for disadvantaged youth.



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