Making Meals For The Hungry

A lot goes into making sure we can provide nutritional meals for metro Atlanta’s hungry, homeless and the poor through our Family Services Center. Long-time Salvation Army volunteer, Virginia talks you through what goes into a food-basket for the needy.

“I come in a few days a week and check the food that has been donated and on the shelves to make sure nothing is expired and everything is sorted by type,” says Hitson. “After I get the shelves stocked, I start to make the food baskets for the clients who come in to get help.”

Hitson says over the last year, she’s watched the requests for food increase so greatly that emptied shelves have made it difficult to prepare the food baskets with what she calls “square meals.”

“I try to make sure there are at least three square meals for three days in each food basket,” explains Hitson. “I make sure there is something for breakfast like cereal, or grits. For lunch, there is tuna, or Macaroni and Cheese. For dinner, I always pack beans and vegetables, canned meats, and boxed meals that don’t need to be refrigerated. Peanut Butter and Jelly is great because it can be for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We get bread donated a few days a week and I love to give out the bread with the PB&J.”

Hitson also sets aside certain food items for special needs clients seeking help. “At least three or four times a week someone who is homeless will come in and I always have some of the pop-top canned foods for them. Sometimes we’ll get clients with high-blood pressure or diabetes and we make sure we have food available for them as well.”

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