Salvation Army Names Third Woman as International Leader

March is National Women’s History Month and we’re marking the occasion with weekly features on women in The Salvation Army.

This week we proudly feature Commissioner Linda Bond, the third woman since The Salvation Army’s inception to hold the highest ranking position of General.

Click this photo to watch excerpts from General-Elect Linda Bond's Election Speech.

For the third time in our 146-year history, The Salvation Army has selected a woman to be its General. Commissioner Bond’s election comes 25 years after the last woman, now-retired General Eva Burrows was named to this international leadership position.

A Nova Scotia native, Commissioner Bond, 64, has been officer, or ordained minister, in the Army since 1969, she currently leads The Salvation Army’s work in the eastern part of Australia. Prior to that, Commissioner Bond was The Territorial Commander of The Salvation Army’s Western Territory.

 “Our relationship with Jesus is what makes The Salvation Army great. It’s what makes the Salvation Army effective, and it’s what makes the Salvation Army loved,” declared Bond during a live internet stream of her election. “We have a great world that needs us, and we are God’s gift to this world, and we need God’s spirit to come upon us.”

Commissioner Linda Bond will take office in London, England on April 2.

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