Dads Receive 2nd Blessings

Father’s Day gifts usually involve golf clubs and gadgets, but this year the father’s residing at our Red Shield Services Shelter received a very deserving surprise, a free Father’s Day haircut courtesy of 2nd Blessings Image Makeovers.

We all know that image is everything, and 2nd Blessings Image Makeovers knows firsthand how important it truly is. Since 2001, 2nd Blessings Image Makeovers have been dedicated to providing ongoing image services for men, women, and children enrolled in government-funded programs such as homeless shelters and foster care is their mission.

On Wednesday, June 15th, 2nd Blessings Image Makeovers provided 11 general volunteers and 23 barber volunteers. These wonderful barbers completed approximately 100 razor-sharp haircuts for the men residing at our shelter.  

2nd Blessings Image Makeovers not only offers grooming services and training to help individuals acquire and maintain their news looks, but they provide professional etiquette classes as well. “It was a joy to see the men have smiles and a new attitude when they got up from the barber’s chair,” explains 2nd Blessing Image Makeovers CEO, Toshiba Palmer. “We all are excited to continue this relationship on a consistent basis and support the efforts of The Salvation Army.”

“The men were overjoyed and full of confidence after the volunteer barbers blessed them with their razor-sharp haircuts,” explained Thomas Thompson, Red Shield Services Shelter employee.

Volunteer barber, Tasha Randall said, “I like to make a person feel proud when they look in the mirror. As long as I make someone else smile, I’m smiling.”

Thank you 2nd Blessings Image Makeovers for such a special Father’s Day gift!

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