Atlanta Peachcrest Corps: Triston’s Safe Haven

Every summer, The Salvation Army gives hundreds of children a safe place to go, to learn new things, make new friend and have lots of fun. Our Atlanta Peachcrest Corps/ Boys & Girls Club, located on 3500 Sherrydale Lane, Decatur, GA 30032, is one of the many service centers that we have with youth programs. One of our Atlanta Peachcrest members, eight-year old Triston Stevens shares just how important the After-School Program means to him.

“I learn how to have fun with other kids, and the people there make sure that my homework is done before I go home and they help me to become better in sports.” When asked how the After-School Program has helped his family, he replied, “It has helped my mom keep her job without worrying about whether I’m in a safe place.”

If you are interested in supporting the many Salvation Army Metro Atlanta children’s programs, visit

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