Floods of Blessings Arrive in Sayre, Pennsylvania

The Salvation Army’s Traveling Kitchen.
(Click above to watch video)

Our Red Shield Services Canteen arrived in Sayre, Pennsylvania on Monday to serve flood victims and volunteers in a time of need.   

Over the next two weeks, the canteen is prepared to serve 4,000 meals, including lunch and dinner.

Salvation Army canteen volunteer William Smith said, “We had a compliment from a little boy the other day. He said thank you, so much, because you didn’t forget about me. That right there does it for me.” 

The food is prepared on the canteen and taken into the communities that have been flooded. Athens flood victim, Sandy Campbell, says she was inspired to volunteer with the army, when they provided her with warm meals, on Monday. Campbell said, “I’m down there working. I see the Salvation Army truck come through and they have that food. It tastes so good, because you’re so hungry. It’s wonderful to see them there.”

When disaster strikes, The Salvation Army is so grateful to be able to help people in need. If you are interested in becoming involved with The Salvation Army’s efforts, visit www.salvationarmyatlanta.org.


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