Jeff Foxworthy Speaks at Salvation Army’s 5th Annual Breakfast

LAWRENCEVILLE — Friday morning, hundreds of church members, nonprofit employees and local residents listened to Jeff Foxworthy as he brought humor to a serious problem in the county: homelessness.Foxworthy spoke at The Salvation Army of Gwinnett’s annual breakfast, a fundraiser to benefit Home Sweet Home. The program is the only emergency re-housing program for the homeless in Gwinnett county.

“(Jeff) was very inspiring,” Debra Potter of Perimeter Church said. “Of course it’s fun to laugh, but it’s always good to be reminded about what (Home Sweet Home) is all about and what our focus should be on.”

Foxworthy began the speech with comedy that had the whole room laughing, then gradually transitioned into his message: helping the homeless.

The Southern comedian doesn’t preach without backing up his word. Once a week, Foxworthy said he teaches Bible study to the homeless in Atlanta.

“I’ve always had a heart for homeless people, but when talking with the folks from Salvation Army, you learn that in a county as big as Gwinnett, there’s not one emergency shelter for homeless people here,” he said. “You’ve got over 2,000 kids going to school everyday that are homeless, sleeping in cars, sleeping on someone else’s couch and that’s just not acceptable.”

Foxworthy added, “I don’t think you can wait for the government to fix all of our problems. People look at (homelessness) and go, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s awful. Somebody should do something about it.’ And I’m trying to be one of those somebodies. With Gwinnett, I think it’s our responsibility to help the people in our own community.”

Proceeds from the event will help fund Home Sweet Home, a program which helps newly homeless families or those at risk of homelessness find “stable housing and self-sufficiency.”

To learn more about Home Sweet Home visit,

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