Spring Fever

Spring is here, the pleasantly warm weather is becoming frequent and the flowers and trees are starting to bloom. In fact, “All these things are God’s expression, art work of His hand.” – Richard Hovey

At The Salvation Army, we are so grateful to be able to minister to the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of all those who seek help this spring and year-round. We are overwhelmed with the support from our donors who make it possible for us to reach so many people in need.

As the seasons change, we hope to continue providing a brighter future for the children at our Boys & Girls Clubs and after school programs, the senior citizens residing at our William Booth Towers, the men and women living at our Red Shield Services Shelter and those still working to pick up the pieces from recent disasters.

Thanks to everyone that has helped make change possible for those who seek it and for making it possible for all of them to find hope. This spring we will reflect on men, women and children around metro Atlanta that believe The Salvation Army has given them hope.

“For you make me glad by your deeds, Lord: I sing for joy at what your hands have done.” – Psalm 92:4


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