Intern Days: Red Shield Girls Day Out

On my 2nd day as an intern I was able to assist with the Red Shield’s Girls Day Out. Girls Day Out consists of pampering three teenage girls who are residents at the Red Shield. We picked up the girls from the center at around noon. Right off hand the girls didn’t seem excited to be going out. First thing on our to-do list was the nail shop. I watched their faces light up as they gathered around the different colored nail polish. Once they picked their colors the pampering began. One of the girls decided to get a manicure while the other two opted to get pedicures. After the nail tech was done they all gathered around the dryers, and compared nail colors with one another. Once everybody’s polish was dry we loaded back into the car for the second half of Girl’s Day Out. We headed to Atlantic Station in Midtown. We walked around, and chatted a little before finally deciding on a restaurant to eat. We all agreed on California Pizza Kitchen. Conversation, laughter, and smiles flowed around the table as we dug into the hot pizza. The girls’ mood made a complete 180 from when we first picked them up from the shelter. It was nice seeing them enjoy there selves. I’m so happy I was able to play a role in putting a smile on their faces.



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