My First Day as an Intern at The Salvation Army

My first day as an intern with The Salvation Army was eventful to say the least. June 1st was my first full day as an intern, and it was also the 75th National Donut Day! I got the opportunity to volunteer as a “donut lassie” for the day. Donut lassies were women in the Salvation Army who prepared and served donuts to soldiers during World War 1. I woke up at 7:00 that morning with a full range of emotions. Part of me was scared, another part was excited, but overall I was nervous. Dressed in full “donut lassie” attire, I headed to Hartsfield Jackson Airport around 8:30am to begin set up. As soon as I arrived at Hartsfield, we headed straight to the USO with eight dozen of donuts in tow. USO stands for United Service Organizations; it’s a private, nonprofit organization that provides morale and recreational services to members of the U.S. military across the world. Shortly after arriving at the USO, my donut lassie duties began. While walking around the USO serving donuts to the soldiers, I was able to chat with some of them. A lot of the soldiers I met had just finished basic training, and were headed to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. While some were fresh out of basic training; others were on leave waiting to fly home to see their families. A few of the soldiers shared their personal stories about basic training, and life in the military. It was interesting to hear about their personal experiences.  I also got the chance to meet the manager of Hartsfield Jackson and his wife.  Around 12:30 we began to wrap up the event at the USO. After saying my goodbyes to the soldiers and USO staff, I was headed to my next venture. Never did I imagine my first day would be filled with so much fun! I was so blessed to have the opportunity to volunteer and serve those who do so much for our country. This will be a day I will remember for years to come.


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