Cooling Stations Help Metro Atlanta Beat The Heat!

This past weekend a dangerous heat wave spread across metro Atlanta. It was unseasonably hot with temperatures more than 100 degrees and heat index values 105 degrees and hotter. These temperatures went on record as the hottest weather that metro Atlanta has seen in five years. With temperatures at an all-time high The Salvation Army provided aid to people who were being affected by setting up “Cooling Stations” across metro Atlanta. A cooling station is an indoor, air conditioned set up where people can come and catch a break from the hot temperatures outside. Unlike others, The Salvation Army’s cooling station was a little different. Not only did The Salvation Army provide an indoor, air conditioned set up they also distributed cold water, ice cream, and 500 free electric fans. There were three different cooling station set-up’s across metro Atlanta: Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center in Pittsburgh community, The Salvation Army in Lawrenceville, and Peachcrest Boys & Girls Club in Decatur. I had the opportunity of being at the Peachcrest Boys & Girls Club as volunteers set up its cooling station. Three Salvation Army volunteers filled ice cold coolers with water and unloaded over 100 electric fans. Around noon people started to line up, ready to receive cold water and a free electric fan. A few people standing in line shared why they were at the cooling station. For some, it was because they didn’t have working air conditioning in their homes. For others, it was simply because the air conditioning in their homes wasn’t enough to keep out the extreme temperatures. No matter the reason, their need to keep cool was met by The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army brought smiles to hundreds of faces across metro Atlanta by helping people beat the heat.


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