Megan’s Story: How You Can Be a Shield for Children in Atlanta

20090722_tsa_539Reclaiming Lost Joy: Bringing Help and Hope

A child’s days should be filled with play, laughter, and joy. Imagination should run wild.

But for young Megan, childhood has been anything but those things. Instead, she has known mostly fear, darkness, and pain. Dreams were shattered. That’s what abuse does to a child. That’s what Megan’s stepfather, a drug addict, did to her. And she was desperate to escape.

While visiting an older sister, Megan told her story and begged for a safe place to live. They visited The Salvation Army, which immediately went to work, helping Megan through her pain and helping her sister gain full custody.

Thanks to the gifts and prayers of faithful supporters like you, Megan is now doing very well — far away from an abusive situation and now thriving on the joys of life. Just like a little girl should.

To help children like Megan here in Atlanta, please visit to locate services available in your community.

Source: “Others” newsletter from Syracuse TSA.


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