The Salvation Army’s Church Doors are Always Open

DC_ARC_Woman_in_churchPeople turn to The Salvation Army every day to answer their prayers. When they wonder how they will put food on their family’s table, overcome substance abuse, clothe their children, or afford the medication they need to survive. We are there to answer those prayers.

But sometimes, prayers cannot be answered tangibly. Often times people request the repair of broken hearts, miracles to overcome illnesses, and guidance on how to handle life’s cruelest curve balls.

The Salvation Army receives hundreds of such prayer requests each week. Some are light-hearted while others leave us with a heavy heart.  Here are a few of the prayer requests we’ve received:

“Please pray for my entire family and the death of my brother, Stan. Also pray for his three minor children and my mother, Jackie, who lived with him.”

“Pray for reconciliation with my son after his recent divorce.”

“Pray for our son Rich for recovery from colon cancer.”

The Salvation Army is a church first and foremost. We know things such as shelter, food and monetary assistance are important, but we also realize that a listening ear is imperative to those on the road to spiritual healing.

Each of our Corps Community and Worship Centers in the metro Atlanta area accepts prayer requests at any time and offers church services every Sunday.  If you need someone to pray with you or simply listen to what’s weighing on your heart, we encourage you to visit one of our Corps Community and Worship Centers. The locations can be found on our website,

Others in the metro Atlanta area are praying for peace and prosperity for their family members; a mother named Joanne, who is dealing with depression, is praying her daughter, Brianna, grows into a woman of God, for her school grades to improve and success in finding a job.

What’s weighing heavily on your heart? Who can we pray for in your life?


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