Use the power of your Kroger Plus card to benefit Salvation Army Metro Atlanta!

ImageSalvation Army Metro Atlanta has been chosen as a beneficiary of the Kroger Community Rewards Program! Supporters and friends of our programs can now select Salvation Army Metro Atlanta to receive a percentage of their Kroger purchases to benefit men, women and children in need throughout the metro Atlanta area.

Signing up is easy – you register your card number on the Kroger Community Rewards website and select Salvation Army Metro Atlanta as a beneficiary.

  • If you have an existing Kroger card please follow the step-by-step instructions below.
  • If you do not have a Kroger card, they are available at customer service desks at any Kroger.

You can sign up at any time and Salvation Army Metro Atlanta will begin benefiting from your purchases beginning September 1, 2013.

There is no limit to the number of persons that can select Salvation Army Metro Atlanta as their preferred organization so please forward this information to any family, friends and/or co-workers that might be interested. Let’s go Krogering!

1. Visit

2. On the page that pops up, scroll down to “Georgia” and click on the pink box that says “Enroll Now”

3. On the tool bar in the upper right corner click on “Create an Account”

4. On the screen that appears, under Sign in Information, enter your:
-email address
-confirm your password

5. Under “Select Your Preferred Store” enter your zip code, and then select you favorite Kroger from the list.

6. Click on “Create an Account”

7. On the screen that comes up, you are asked: “Add a Kroger Plus Card to Your Account?” In the box called “Plus Card or Alt ID Number” enter the Kroger Plus Card number on the back. The number is on your card and begins with the number “4”. Enter your last name and hit “Add Card”

8. The next screen is a confirmation page. The top of the next screen may mention that your account has yet to be activated. You should receive an email to the email account you entered above asking you to confirm your registration. You should get that email and activate the account. You should, however, be able to proceed to the next step even though the account is not activated.

9. Scroll down on the confirmation page and on the right there is a box that says “Community Rewards” Click on the “Edit” button.

10. You may be taken to a page asking for your last name, first name, address, city, state, zip, etc. Please enter that information. Phone number and DOB so appear to be optional.

11. Once complete you are taken to a screen to link you to your favorite organization. You can search for Salvation Army Metro Atlanta by typing “Sal” or “17501” in the box and clicking on “Search”

12. Salvation Army Metro Atlanta should appear on the page. Click on the little button and then click on “Save”

13. That’s it! Don’t forget to follow the directions on the email from Kroger to activate your account. An account must be active for proceeds will benefit your favorite charity.


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