Salvation Army Atlanta Expands Its Disaster Canteen Fleet


Click for interior and exterior photos of our new canteen


As The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Teams respond to the heavy rains and flooding in Pike County, Kentucky, The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta Area Command is increasing its disaster preparedness capabilities thanks to the donation of a new Mobile Disaster Canteen.   

The 20′ x 8′, 23,000 lb unit, now stationed at The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta Area Command Headquarters in Atlanta, GA, is equipped with top-of-the line cooking, serving, and GPS tracking capabilities.   

On-board amenities such as a 20kw generator, full-size commercial refrigerator, water tank, commercial freezer, and a 30 gallon tilt skillet will be used to prepare and serve meals to residents and first-responders at local disasters.  And, as this is the newest of the Army’s local fleet, this canteen will be the first of Georgia’s to be deployed in the event of a disaster in our neighboring communities and states.   

“Unfortunately, as we’ve seen in just the first few weeks of this disaster season, natural and other catastrophic disasters have become an all too familiar occurrence in our communities and across the country,” says Major James Seiler, The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta Area Commander.  “Among the first to respond to a natural disaster, The Salvation Army Disaster Canteens have become a welcome sight to firemen, policemen, and disaster survivors alike, serving hot and cold drinks, snacks and complete meals.”

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